Superintendent Search 2021


  • January 21, 2021: District receives proposals
  • January 28, 2021:  Proposal Presentations / Board Selects Firm
  • February 8, 2021: Board confers with consultants and determines characteristics, skills & qualities desired in a new superintendent; Board publicly announces timeline and procedures for superintendent selection
  • February 25-26, 2021:  Consultants confer with staff and community designated by the Board to receive input; Online survey is posted to district website (February 22-March 5)
  • February-March Consultants identify potential candidates; Development and posting of recruitment materials and Position Description
  • March 1 & 15: Advertising and active recruitment; Ad appears in EdCal, (Two consecutive publications)
  • April 2, 5:00 PM: Deadline for applications
  • April: Consultants complete comprehensive reference and background checks on applicants
  • April 19, 4:00 PM: Board confers with consultants, reviews all applications and selects candidates to be interviewed
  • April 24, 2021:  Board interviews candidates; selects finalist(s)
  • Early May: Board completes the validation process of the leading candidate and makes final determination
  • May 14: Board approves superintendent contract at a regularly scheduled board meeting
  • June 1, 2021:  Selected candidate begins working with current Superintendent to ensure an orderly transition
  • July 1, 2021 (as mutually agreed):  New Superintendent begins


Position Description

First page of the PDF file: MHUSDPositionDescriptionFINAL03-12-21-2copy

Input Sessions

The Morgan Hill Unified Board of Trustees is asking for your help in selecting our next Superintendent. To ensure this is a collaborative and inclusive process, the Board is providing multiple ways to solicit input.

Below are opportunities for the MHUSD community to participate.

  • Thursday, February 25th Community Forum at 5:00 pm in English and 6 pm in Spanish. Click here for ZOOM information.
  • Friday, February 26th 30-minutes Superintendent Input Session at 10:00 am or 5:00 pm - contact Kelly Schriefer for ZOOM information.
  • Superintendent Search Input Online Survey open February 22nd - March 5th at 4:00 pm. See links below.

Introduction and Description:

The Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Education is in the process of conducting an Executive Search for the District’s next Superintendent. Leadership Associates, an executive search firm, was selected to advise the Board in this important process.

Please check this webpage for ongoing updates and important announcements regarding this process.


Superintendent Survey Announcement


The Morgan Hill Unified Board of Trustees is asking for your help in selecting our next Superintendent. To ensure this is a collaborative and inclusive process, the Board is providing an anonymous online survey and encourages your participation. This is an opportunity to receive input from students, staff, parents, and community. Please follow the link below to provide your input. 

This survey will be open from: February 22 until March 5 at 4:00 PM . 

Take the survey now.   






La Junta está pidiendo su ayuda para seleccionar nuestro próximo Superintendente. Para garantizar que este sea un proceso colaborativo e inclusivo, la Junta ofrece una encuesta anónima en línea y lo alienta a participar. Esta es una oportunidad para recibir comentarios de los estudiantes, el personal, los padres y la comunidad. Siga el enlace a continuación para proporcionar su opinión.


Esta encuesta estará abierta desde: 22 de febrero hasta el 5 de marzo a las 4:00 p.m.


Siga enlace para la encuesta

Morgan Hill Unified School District The Morgan Hill Unified School District (MHUSD) encompasses nearly 300 square miles and serves the ethnically diverse population of Morgan Hill, San Martin, and a small portion of South San Jose.

The District serves approximately 8,500 students and is composed of six elementary schools (TK-5), two elementary/middle schools (K-8), one Dual Immersion magnet program (K-8), two middle schools (6-8), two comprehensive high schools (9-12), one continuation high school and a community adult school. We not only offer our students an exceptional education in the classroom, but we also offer an array of extracurricular opportunities as well. The District is the largest employer in the City of Morgan Hill with approximately 800 total employees of which about 400 are teachers.

MHUSD’s Board of Education is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. Our programs and activities do not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, age, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or the perception of one or more of such characteristics. The Board actively promotes programs that ensure that discriminatory practices are eliminated in all District activities.

Please see the Request for Proposals from Superintendent Search Firms in its entirety below. For more information about the Morgan Hill Unified School District, please contact Lanae Bays, Communications Coordinator:

Frequently Asked Questions


1)       How does the search process work?

The Board is working with Leadership Associates to conduct a rigorous, nationwide search. The Board will seek, receive and consider input from the community, review applications, interview candidates and select the new superintendent.

2)       When will the new Superintendent be hired?

The Board will approve and publish a timeline which will reflect these details. Please check back if the timeline is not yet posted. These dates are subject to change as the search process continues.

3)       How and when do parents and other stakeholders weigh-in?

The Board will be soliciting input on the characteristics, experience, and skills desired in the next superintendent via an online survey and stakeholder conference sessions.

4)       When will the District share the collected input with the public?

The information gathered will be presented to the Board and then compiled, summarized, and incorporated into the Superintendent Position Profile / Description, which will be published here following Board review. 

5)       Who will make the final selection?

By law, the Board is solely responsible for hiring the new superintendent. The Board will seek, receive, and consider input from the community, review applications, interview candidates, and select the new superintendent.

6)       How can the public follow this process?

Updates regarding the superintendent search process will be posted here. The Board will also provide updates at its regularly scheduled board meetings and future press releases.

7)       Can we find out who is applying?

All application materials, including the names of applicants and any other personally identifiable information, are confidential under law.


Preguntas Frecuentes


1)     ¿Cómo funciona el proceso de búsqueda?

La Junta está trabajando con Leadership Associates para realizar una búsqueda rigurosa en todo el país. La Junta buscará, recibirá y considerará los aportes de la comunidad, revisará las solicitudes, entrevistará a los candidatos y seleccionará al nuevo superintendente.

2)     ¿Cuándo se contratará al nuevo superintendente?

La Junta tentativamente proporcionará y anunciará un horario con estos detalles en esta página. Favor de regresar a este sitio si todavía no se ha publicado tal horario. Estas fechas están sujetas a cambios a medida que continúa el proceso de búsqueda.

3)     ¿Cómo y cuándo contribuyen los padres y otras partes interesadas?

La Junta solicita información sobre las características, la experiencia y las habilidades deseadas en el próximo superintendente a través de encuestas en línea y conferencias de partes interesadas. Estos detalles se anunciarán en el cercano futuro.

4)     ¿Cuándo compartirá el Distrito los aportes recopilados con el público?

La información de la encuesta comunitaria se compilará, resumirá y presentará según esté disponible en este sitio web.

5)     ¿Quién tomará la decisión final?

Por ley, la Junta es la única responsable de contratar al nuevo superintendente. La Junta buscará, recibirá y considerará los aportes de la comunidad, revisará las solicitudes, entrevistará a los candidatos y seleccionará al nuevo superintendente.

6)     ¿Cómo puede el público seguir este proceso?

La información sobre el proceso de búsqueda del superintendente, incluidas las actualizaciones, se publicará en este sitio web. La Junta proporcionará actualizaciones con respecto a la búsqueda del superintendente en sus reuniones programadas regularmente y en comunicados de prensa.

7)     ¿Podemos interarnos quien está solicitando o aplicando para el puesto?

Todos los materiales de solicitud, incluidos los nombres de los solicitantes y cualquier otra información de identificación personal, son confidenciales según la ley.