Worker's Compensation

A safe working environment is our number one priority. However, should an accident or injury occur, we want to ensure that our employees receive prompt effective medical treatment. Our goal is to assist injured employees in making a full recovery and returning to their job as soon as possible.

Workers' Compensation coverage is provided for all employees in the event a work-related injury is sustained. Concenta and the Kaiser Occupational Health Center contract with doctors & hospitals to respond to the special requirements of on-the-job injuries or illnesses.

If you should experience a work-related injury or illness, you should:

  • Notify your immediate supervisor
  • Complete a Santa Clara County Schools' Insurance Group Report of Employee Incident/Injury Form (see site secretary)
  • If treatment from a physician is needed, an additional form (DWC-1) will need to be completed (see site secretary)

All work status reports from the treating physician, must be sent to the Human Resources Department.

Additionally, the District has a Return to Work Program for individuals whose injuries require restrictions or modified duties for a temporary time period. The site supervisor and the Human Resources Department will determine whether or not it is possible to accommodate restrictions.

If there are any questions regarding the Workers' Compensation Program, contact the Human Resources Department at (408) 201-6020.


Reporting an Incident/Injury


An employee comes to you and states he/she was injured


Kaiser Permante San Jose Medical Center
Occupational Health Center
275 Hospital Parkway, Suite 565
San Jose, CA  95129
Phone:  408-972-6800
After Hours:  408-972-3088

US HealthWorks Medical Group (formerly Pinnacle Urgent Care)
7793 Wren AVenue
Gilroy, CA  95020
Phone:  408-848-0444

US HealthWorks Medical Group San Jose
1893 Monterey Highway, Suite 200
San Jose, CA  95112
Phone:  408-288-3800

You must call the HR Department (201-6015) prior to an employee seeking medical care.


  • Report of Employee Incident/Injury completed, faxed to 201-6026 and send original to the Human Resources Department attention: Tina Bedley.
  • Complete DWC-1 (if necessary), and fax to 201-6026 and send original to the Human Resources Department attention: Tina Bedley.
  • By filling out Workers' Compensation forms, the injury does not automatically become a claim.

Let's work together to prevent injuries before they happen!


General Safe Work Practices

(Please review and work safely!)