Employee Benefits

Mission Statement

To provide eligible employees with equitable health and welfare benefits that are comparable in the market, reviewed on a regular basis, coordinated with payroll systems, managed internally, explained through employee education, and based upon employees’ needs, applicable regulations, and the direction and abilities of the company.

Carrier and Plan Information

Follow the links below for carrier websites, benefit plan documents and MHUSD contributions: 

  • Medical: 4 Medical HMO and 3 Medical PPO plans
  • Dental:  1 Dental HMO and 3 Dental PPO plans
  • Voluntary Plans:
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • 403b/457b Investment Plans
    • Long Term Care

Health Benefits CommitteeUpdates from the Health Benefits Committee (HBC) are posted online for employee access and review.  If you are interested in participating on this committee, please check in with your site union representative and/or principal.