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ASCIP Deductables and Coverages

Here is where you will find information regarding ASCIP Deductables and Coverages.  Please contact the Allison Murray at 51052 or to report all claims and/or damages.

Confidential School Accident Report

Confidential School Incident Report is completed and sent to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services when a student is injured.  Please fill out the form completely, file a copy in the Nurse’s file and scan a copy to Allison Murray at If you feel it is something we need to be aware of quickly, please call Allison Murray at 51052.  PLEASE – DO NOT FILE A COPY IN THE STUDENT CUM.  This is a confidential, internal document; its contents are NOT to be shared or copied for persons who are not school district employees and/or their legal representatives.  You may keep a copy in your office.

Certificate of Insurance Request

Our insurance carrier is Alliance for Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs (ASCIP). Please complete the Certificate of Insurance Request for all special events and scan it to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Attn: Allison Murray ( When you are requesting insurance coverage, please make every effort to fill out the request completely and submit the request with a copy of the Contract, Agreement or Use Permit.  Although ASCIP prefers to have the complete agreement on file, the following portions may be extracted.
  • First page (usually identifies the parties involved, contact number, the description of the program, activity, etc.)
  • Complete Insurance and Indemnification Sections
  • Schedule of Payments (usually an addendum or exhibit)
  • Section of the Contract that specifies length of agreement (this section appears in a variety of places depending on the agreement structure)

This request will be submitted to ASCIP immediately upon receipt by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services’ office.  ASCIP will then be able to issue your Certificate without any delay due to lack of information.

Once the Certificate is issued it will be sent directly to the facility requesting insurance, along with a copy to the District Office to be kept on file.  You will be notified when the Certificate of Insurance is received.

Claim Against the District

If a student or visitor is injured on school property and they indicate that they would like to file a claim against the district, please direct them to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, 408-201-6052.  We will provide a “Claim Against the District” form and directions for submitting.

Property-Evidence of Coverage

When a new copier is purchased or leased an Evidence of Coverage is needed to protect you and the lending agent in case of theft or damage to the machine.  Please submit the Evidence of Coverage Form (same as Certificate of Insurance Request) along with supporting documentation, i.e., copy of lease, to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.

Student and Athletic Insurance

The following insurance companies provide very affordable student and athletic insurance for those who do not have coverage.  Both sites are easy to use and have forms that could be downloaded.  Please feel free to refer your families to either site for their insurance needs.  We are not affiliated with either company; they offer insurance to all public and private school students.

Myers Stephens Toohey & Company

Student Insurance Agency

Vandalism/Break-in/Fire/Theft Report

Please submit a Vandalism/Break-in/Fire/Theft form for all incidents.  Complete all of the information and attach any supporting documentation, ie., police report, pictures, etc.  Send or fax copies of all information to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.  This information will then be sent to ASCIP for processing.

Vehicle Accident Report

The Vehicle Accident Report Form should be located in all district vehicles.  This form is to be filled out at the scene of any auto accident where a district vehicle is involved.  Immediately contact Allison Murray at 51052 to report the incident, especially if students are involved. Please send the form with any pictures and a list of student (if present) seating location on the bus to Allison Murray ( as soon as possible.  Always contact the Transportation Department (201-6320).

Energy Management Conservation BP 3512

Independent Contractor

Procedure for Hiring an Independent Contractor

This procedure must be followed to hire an independent contractor who is not an employee of the school district.  Independent contractors are hired to perform specific short-term job functions.  No district staff is authorized to award a written contract on behalf of the district unless delegated specifically by the MHUSD Board of Education.  Responsibility and Action
  • Program Director and/or Asst. Superintendent – works with the potential independent contractor to determine the scope of work and compensation.
  • Program Director Secretary – originates a contract stating the scope of work, compensation, hourly rate (if available), and location of work.  Contract requires vendor to provide personal insurance, mutual liability clause and fingerprinting approval for vendor and all assistants.
  • Program Director, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Business Services Buyer – Contract is approved and initialed by the Assistant Superintendent of the appropriate department, initialed by the Business Services Buyer and then signed by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.  Program Director will submit the contract to the Board of Education, at the next scheduled Board meeting, for approval.  After approval by the Board the contract is forwarded to the vendor for signature and completion of all appropriate boxes, i.e., address, tax information, phone number, etc.
  • Program Director – upon completion of signatures by all parties, the secretary of the department involved must submit a requisition to Fiscal Services for future payment to the contractor.
  • Independent Contractor – submits invoices, according to contract specifications.  The invoice is approved by the department supervisor and submitted to Fiscal Services for payment.

All of the above procedures must be completed before the vendor begins work. 


Anytime there is a donation, fill out this form and send the donation and the form to Allison Murray at the District Office via pony. It will then be taken as a board agenda item to be approved and then Allison will send out a letter to the donors that will work for their taxes.  Please remember that we do not take gift cards.  Contact Allison Murray at or 51052 if you have any questions.  Thanks!