Volunteer Requirements

Fingerprinting and Tuberculosis Testing

Volunteer Requirements

What is required to volunteer in a Morgan Hill Unified school?

MHUSD welcomes any member of the student’s family, caring adults in the student’s life, as well as members of our local community to volunteer. All volunteers working on the school grounds on a regular, ongoing basis need to have their fingerprints and tuberculosis test results on file at the Morgan Hill Unified School District office.
Fingerprinting and tuberculosis test results must be on file for volunteers that are:

Ongoing: Volunteering at the school regularly in any capacity
At school: Volunteering on school grounds or in the classroom, has access to privileged information
Face-to-face: Volunteering with direct contact with children
Alone: Volunteering as the sole adult with children, unsupervised with children (i.e., during a field trip)
School-sponsored trips: Athletics, band, field trips, science camp, etc

 Live Scan Fingerprinting Information
Tuesday 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM   &  Thursday 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
MHUSD District Office, 15600 Concord Circle, Morgan Hill, CA  95037

School Volunteer with Voucher from School: $15
No Voucher/Employee/Coach/Contractor: $50

We ONLY accept credit/debit cards. 

Vouchers are not always available.
Please check in at your school front office first.


  • A volunteer is bringing baked goods to the school for after hours event
  • A volunteer is selling flowers before and after a school theater performance
  • A volunteer completing classroom jobs at home and returning them to the teacher when dropping their child off for school
  • A volunteer creating the class newsletter at home for a teacher
  • A volunteer coordinating a class party by calling or emailing parents to get for donations and arrange games and other entertainment
  • A volunteer judge for the yearly science fair
  • A volunteer coordinating Scholastic book orders and entering them into the Scholastic website. 



  •  A volunteer helping in the classroom during all of the rainy day recesses during the winter. The volunteer is working more than once on the school grounds, has direct contact with children and may also be the sole adult with children
  • A driver for a field trip. While not operating on school grounds, a field trip driver will be alone with children and have direct contact
  • A volunteer who helps children in the classroom with their math exercises every week
  • A volunteer for class parties that helps children with a craft or baking exercise
  • A volunteer organizing a lunch-time club
  • Assist with curb-side traffic direction during drop- offs (before school) or pick-ups (after school)


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