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Employee Benefits

Mission Statement

To provide eligible employees with equitable health and welfare benefits that are comparable in the market, reviewed on a regular basis, coordinated with payroll systems, managed internally, explained through employee education, and based upon employees’ needs, applicable regulations, and the direction and abilities of the company.

Are you a current employee?

MHUSD employees may view employee-only content related to benefits by accessing the Faculty/Staff portal.

Are you applying for a position with the Morgan Hill Unified School District?

If so, many applicants consider compensation (pay and benefits) as an important factor.  For the current pay schedule and an explanation of health and welfare benefits, please review the contract bargaining agreement (union contract) matching the position for which you are applying:  Administrators/MHELA,   Certificated/MHFT,   Classified/MHCEA.    After you determine the pay rate for the position that interests you, as well as the corresponding employer contribution towards benefits, please check out the negotiated rates for health benefits.

Are you an insurance broker, benefit provider, or benefit carrier?

We appreciate your interest in the Morgan Hill Unified School District.  All in-person visits are reserved for applicants, employees, and retirees.  As your time is valuable, please know that all solicitations should be sent to us via postal mail.  Quotes, descriptions of services, and all benefit materials are welcome in response to an official RFP.  Only our current vendors are permitted to circulate materials and information to our employees and such activities must be done by following the proper process along with requesting and gaining approval in advance.