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Migrant Education


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What is the Migrant Education Program?

The Migrant Education Program is designed  to provide  supplementary educational services and supportive services to migrant students ages 3-21  and out of school youth younger than 22.

How do I qualify?

 Have you worked or currently work in agriculture, nurseries, packing sites, or fishing industry?

 Have you moved in the last 3 years to obtain employment in agriculture?

 Do you have children between the ages 3-21 years old?

 Are you or anyone in your home under 22 and have NOT yet completed or obtained a high school diploma /GED?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, please give us a call!

The Migrant Education Program assists migrant children and their families to overcome educational disruption, cultural and language barriers. We provide academic and health services to prepare students to make a successful transition to post-secondary education or employment.

El Programa Migrante ayuda a los ninos y familias migrantes a sobrepasar las barreras culturales y del lenguaje, asi como las interrupciones en su educacion. Proveemos servicios academicos y de salud para preparar a los estudiantes para una educacion universitaria o para el trabajo. 


Student services

  •  Tutoring (grades:1-12)
  •  Health services
  •  Transportation
  •  Free Lunch

  •  Migrant Preschool
  • High School students teacher support


 Parent Services

  • Linkage to community health resources
  •  Informative Workshops
  •  Migrant PAC meetings


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