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Welcome to our food page!  The Student Nutrition team works hard every day to ensure we're providing the very best for our students.  We take pride in knowing where our food comes from and who grew it.  From farmers to forks, nothing is overlooked.  Check out our Farm Map to learn more...  


Below are just a few of the things we've already improved.  

  • Every piece of fruits or vegetable is sourced from local farmers with sustainable or certified organic farming practices.

  • All our silverware, trays, and napkins, are 100% post-consumer recycled and compostable.

  • We've removed all single use plastics, which included working with PathWater to provide reusable water bottles.  Launch video on the right...

  • We're amongst the first CA school districts to switch to bulk milk.  Our Straus Milk program is sourced from Petaluma, only 109 miles away.  Since 2022, we've eliminated over 100k milk containers. 

  • All our beef burgers and hot dogs are from Richards Regenerative Ranch.  This extraordinary ranch is only 201 miles away and uses regenerative farming techniques to raise their cattle.

  • Finally, our district's FarmTECH program grows 100% of all the lettuce used across our district.  Using two high-tech container farms we harvest 450lbs of spring mix lettuce per week and the farms use less than 10 gallons of water per day.  Learn more about FarmTECH here.


We love supporting the local economy and you can help too by enjoying nutritious meals at your school! 

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