Reopening FAQs


When schools reopen, will students be required to wear face coverings? 

The Public Health Order has changed over time and the State and County orders haven't aligned. According to current State guidelines, anybody over 2 years old wears face coverings, unless a student has identified health conditions or emotional challenges related to the need to not wear a face covering. There may be an accommodation for a face shield as an example. Also, those who are hearing impaired would not be required to wear them, but all others at any grade level would wear a face covering. There is current consideration for changing that. In Santa Clara County, exemptions also include: Anyone who has trouble breathing, is incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance; anyone who has been advised by a medical professional not to wear a face-covering; any worker to the extent wearing a face-covering creates a safety hazard at work under established health and safety guidelines.

Will the schools be doing a hybrid system (part in-person/part online)?

You may view our reopening plan, as it exists today here on our website.  The Spanish version is here. 


What is MHUSD doing for employees who need childcare? What after school care options will there be for all students?

We have surveyed our staff regarding their potential need for additional child care coverage.  We currently have partnerships with YMCA and GoKids and will continue discussing with these organizations to see whether they have the capacity to offer daytime school-age care for MHUSD employees as a way to allow our essential employees the opportunity to work.

Will students receive a pass/fail in the Fall? 

We will return to a regular A-F grading system for our older students; younger students continue to be on a standards-based report card system. 

For students with an  IEP  in need of several services through Special Education, how will speech, occupational therapy, academic help, and behavioral services be addressed? 

We are required to provide services to our students as identified in each student's IEP.  Our case managers and Special Education department have been busy identifying services that were provided remotely during sheltering and services that will resume in-person.  With all identified services, the District has an obligation to recruit staff or contract services to provide the services.

What are the options for parents who don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school?

Parents will be able to register for a virtual-only option in the Fall.

Will we see band and school sports in the Fall?  

Summer sports have begun with restrictions for safety.  We will await further updates prior to planning for the Fall season.

Besides face coverings and social distancing, what are plans to ensure staff and student safety, in regards to things like cleaning and lunchtime? 

We will continue to drive home messaging about the importance of handwashing, sneezing etiquette, use of sanitizer when handwashing is not possible. We will ensure adequate supplies to support hygiene will be available. Staff will wear face coverings and/or face shields, students will be encouraged to wear face coverings. Staff will conduct regular cleaning, daily and throughout the day of high touch surfaces. Also recommended is a limit on shared items such as playground equipment, sporting equipment, but where allowed it shall be cleaned in between uses by others. Proper ventilation of rooms, use of disinfectants approved for use for COVID-19. etc. 

If a family has kids in multiple schools, will they be on the same schedule and in school on the same days?