School and District Accountability

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) represents our district’s allocation of resources towards specific actions designed to meet Board established goals.  The goal-setting process is based on the school district’s vision, mission and values statement. Our local Governing Board goals in turn help determine the relative attention and resources that will be directed toward each of the State’s eight priority areas. The priority areas are addressed through the actions in the LCAP and they are monitored throughout the year by maintaining an LCAP annual report included in this document.Throughout the year, the report is monitored and progress is reported out to stakeholders groups who are consulted and provide recommendations for revisions to the plan which can be found in the bottom box of each action annual report. Updates are posted on the district website in both English and Spanish. The overarching goal of the Local Control Accountability Plan is constant improvement of the educational outcomes for all students

The current three year LCAP continues to be organized under three goal areas:

1.     College and Career Readiness:  With an equity lens, MHUSD will provide rigorous curriculum and instruction that includes critical thinking skills, academic and digital literacy in all subject areas to ensure post-secondary success (college or career readiness) for all students. (approximately $69,782,783)

2.     Parent Engagement All parents are valued as partners in their child’s education and are empowered to support their child’s preparation for college or career readiness. (approximately $341,860)

3.     Student Engagement & School Climate:  Increase student engagement, connectedness to school and community, and inspire productive persistence in ALL students to graduate college and career ready. (approximately $595,500)

There are a total of 45 actions described in the 16-17 LCAP.   Highlighted refinements and revisions to the prior LCAP plan include:

1.     Consolidation and organization of actions under each goal to reflect a sharper focus on a Multi-Tiered System of Support and grouping work into 11 action categories.

2.     New core curriculum adoptions and supporting professional development with a focus on high quality tier 1 instruction.

3.     Comprehensive local assessments to measure individual student current status and growth to determine tiered academic support needs inform staff collaboration and drive program development.

4.     Expanding tiered student services to connect students with counseling, social emotional assistance and other community-based support services.

5.     A growing Career Technical Education program that is A-G approved and that fosters both Career and College readiness.

6.     Greater alignment between the LCAP and other strategic plans such as: EL master plan, technology plan, LEA plan, parent engagement plan and school plans with links to supporting documents.

7.     Increased transparency by greater alignment of the LCAP to the overall District operating budget

8.   Embedded contact and survey links to support additional avenues for stakeholder input and engagement.

Planned scope of revision work during the three year plan:

The LCAP is now a three year static plan which runs through the 2019-2020 school year. Although no major revisions will be undertaken until that time, there is deeper implementation and ongoing evaluation of programs occurring throughout the three year plan. Anticipated revisions will focus on small adjustments to existing actions based on actual expenses and needs as they may develop.

The focus of strategic planning during the three year plan will be on alignment of all strategic plans, such as school plans (SPSA’s: single plan for student achievement); Federal funding plan (LEAP: Local Educational Agency Plan), accreditation plans (WASC: Western Association of Schools and Colleges), EL master plan (Morgan Hill Imagine) and parent engagement plan. This will continue the consolidation of all work and reporting into the LCAP document to serve as an overview and hub to link to all district plans.

School Scores for School Rank presentation 12.07.16

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2019-2020 LCAP and Budget Overview