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Be Seen and Heard

 The Morgan Hill Unified School District will present the “Be Seen and Heard” program to all TK-5 students. This program is presented in the interest of student safety and seeks to provide children an awareness and understanding of sexual abuse in age-appropriate ways--and more importantly, how to respond.

 The program is about an hour-long lesson with 4 brief follow-up reminders throughout the rest of the year. Each school will schedule their initial presentations in November and communicate those dates with their individual school communities. 

 The program is scaled appropriately to different grade levels to broach this sensitive topic. Links to previews of the age-span topics can be found below. Parents are also encouraged to watch a brief video message from the author, Victor Pacini, regarding the program. 

The “Be Seen and Heard” presenters have expanded their safety message to include age-appropriate gun accidents and violence designed to provide students with awareness and “what to do if'' strategies. The messages are tailored to those circumstances most likely to affect young children, such as finding a gun that is improperly stored, or older students who might observe red flags in behaviors or online postings. That information is presented in a separate video in a program they call “Handle with Care.” That information is presented in a separate video in a program they call “Handle with Care.” 

The Be Seen and Heard program has been used in our district for a few years and parents with concerns, questions, or seeking more information are encouraged to speak with their principals or Dr. Nikki, District Coordinator of Academics and Wellness (

Parents may “opt-out” of their children prior to the program being delivered by providing a note or email to their school. To help inform that decision, please view the video and look through the program overviews linked below. (“Opt-outs” need to be renewed annually). 

The link to the parent video titled “Peace of Mind for Parents” can be found at: 

Here is a link to “Keeping My Family Safe”:  A workbook for parents on recognizing and responding to abuse.

The program overviews can be found at: 

For K-2:

 For 3-4

For 5

Know the Signs: