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Our Mission

Our mission is to fully embrace the growth mindset and promote individual student growth in everything that we do. Reaching students where they are and moving all forward is the heartbeat of the growth model and the driving force behind the development of our Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS).  First, that means using assessment to identify individual student needs and ensuring that our newly adopted curriculum has the resources and agility to meet those needs. MAP, F&P, RI along with CAASPP are giving us multiple diagnostic measures for more students than ever before. Next, recognizing and celebrating that the fundamental resource to achieve this mission is high quality classroom instruction with the strategies, professional development, and tools to support constant refinement of instruction.

Then, having the courage and commitment to use those tools to their fullest through productive collaboration time and the sharing of practice by throwing open our classroom doors to our colleagues for peer visits and instructional rounds.  Continuing to innovate, we will also leverage technology to support individual student content needs and expand the range of students who teachers can reasonably reach through differentiation…all the way from intensive intervention to enrichment.  Finally, we will work to extend the instructional day with meaningful after school and summer programs that provide targeted assistance and connects students with school through exciting and fun opportunities for enrichment.