You're Invited: Celebrate the Class of 2020

As the school year comes to a close, we’d like to extend an invitation to our entire MHUSD community to join in celebrating our very deserving Class of 2020. It’s no surprise that the end of their high school years has been challenging and disappointing in unimaginable ways due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing. Their senior year has been unique from any other, to say the least, but their hard work and accomplishments deserve recognition just as we have given other graduating classes. 


Despite shelter in place, we cannot let their incredible accomplishments go uncelebrated. Although different from past years, we have carefully planned recognitions for our graduates.  Each school will be holding a virtual graduation online, with many pre-recorded components of a traditional graduation. The graduates, their families, and community members can join in and watch as the Class of 2020 takes the next step into their futures. We have created a page on our website dedicated to the Class of 2020. Each high school also has a page for their seniors that directs back to this page. Currently, there are countdown clocks until their prospective graduation dates and times for each high school. The virtual graduation videos can be accessed on this web page. We hope you’ll join us virtually and celebrate our Class of 2020. 


In addition to the virtual graduation videos, recent changes to the shelter in place guidelines allow for a celebratory car procession to take place on Saturday, June 6, from 9:30 am until noon. The Class of 2020 students will schedule a time with their high school to pick up their diploma and pose for a brief photo opportunity in their cap and gown. From there, they are invited to join in a car procession anywhere along the route which includes Monterey Rd. through downtown, Tennant Avenue,  Butterfield Blvd., and Cochrane Rd. (see map of route). The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill and Kiwanis of Morgan Hill have sponsored photo banners which are displayed downtown to honor the graduates. Graduates will be entering the route from different starting points any time between 9:30 am and noon. The roads will not be closed so there may be other drivers along the route. Viewers will be able to spot the graduates by their car decorations and students in caps and gowns. 


We encourage members of our community to find a place anywhere along the route to cheer on the graduates. Morgan Hill Police Department will have motorcycle patrol to ensure the safety of all passengers in the vehicle procession, and spectators have been approved for this event. Feel free to bring signs, banners, noisemakers, etc. to celebrate the Class of 2020.


We want to remind everyone, however,  that shelter in place is still in effect and that coming out to support our graduates along the car procession route should not be considered a “gathering.” We ask that all spectators practice social distancing, keeping a 6-foot distance from those outside of their household. Also, we strongly encourage spectators to wear face coverings to help prevent the spread of illness. It is also important to remember that face coverings are not a substitute for practicing physical distancing and frequent handwashing. We want our procession to be celebratory and safe!


Morgan Hill Unified couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the graduates of the Class of 2020! We encourage you join us for the virtual graduation and the car procession! Details on both may be found on our website