MHUSD Board Passes Resolution to Put Bond on 2020 Ballot

At the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, the Board passed a resolution to put a bond on the ballot in March of 2020. 

This bond, if passed, would address the need for improvements that exists at all of the district’s aging school facilities. The improvements aim to repair everything from roofs, floors, insulation, plumbing, electrical, modernizing wiring for computer technology and internet, updating restrooms and enhancing security. The timing for this bond is critical as voter support depends on positive economic conditions. 

Through this bond measure, MHUSD would be able to obtain funds for long term stability and planning rather than relying on voters to pass a school bond every ten years. If the state of the economy was not as favorable at the time of a subsequent measure, the District could be at risk of needing to use limited operating funds to fund critical facilities needs rather than repair and modernize our existing facilities. 

Although California Proposition 13, School and College Facilities Bond will also be on the ballot in March, “The changes to how applications will be processed create uncertainty in where our projects will fall order of priority with the State. We need reliable and dedicated local support for our facilities,” says Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Kirsten Perez. “The likelihood of being able to access State funding is relatively low.”

“We want to protect the quality education that we provide today, and support the improvement of the performance of our teachers and students with modern classroom facilities. By accessing revenues to address school facilities, infrastructure and teacher needs, we support programs that will prepare our students for today’s economy,” says Superintendent Betando.