Help Us Spread the Word!

On Monday, the Governor issued a new Executive Order on school staffing as a result of the teacher shortages amidst this omicron surge. Please help us get the word out and recruit for additional subs and bring back retired educators. Interested persons can apply on EdJoin - there is currently NO COST for fingerprinting and permit

Key provisions of the Executive Order include:

Emergency Substitute Permits:  

  • Many of the eligibility requirements for an emergency substitute teaching permit has been suspended.  Temporary certificates may now be issued to applicants with a bachelor's degree and a background check. Other testing and basic skills requirements have been suspended.

Substitute Teaching Extension:

  • Previously, the length of time a substitute teacher may serve in a single general education classroom was extended from 30 days to 60 days.  This order has now extended it once more for 120 days. 

Student Teachers: 

  • Student teachers may be assigned to a classroom without the supervision of a credentialed teacher; penalties will be waived. 

For retired educators:

  • Suspends post-retirement compensation limitations for compensation earned during the 2021-22 school year (comparable duty compensation limits are still applicable).
  • Suspends certain procedural requirements for approving a retired educator’s return to work. 
  • Seeks to expand the currently suspended 180-day sit-out requirement for additional types of retired educators. 


Substitute Teacher Hiring