Childcare Needs Survey

On July 15, 2020, the Morgan Hill Unified School District (District) announced that the school year would begin August 13, 2020, in a distance learning environment for all students grades TK-12. With school facilities closed,  District employees and parents have expressed the need for childcare. Over the past week, the District in partnership with external agencies, started coordinating childcare programs for school-aged children of employees and families of District students.

District staff, whose duties have dramatically changed due to a virtual learning environment, are eager to support our students and may be reassigned to provide childcare services, along with community organizations. In order to plan childcare for school-aged students, the District and our childcare partners (YMCA, CDC, and Go Kids) need to know more about the childcare needs of school employees and parents in the District.

Families needing childcare are asked to complete this short online childcare survey to provide input to assist in the designing of the District's childcare program. The District will use the data to inform our efforts to help parents and District employees find affordable childcare, including potentially opening childcare at school sites during the school day, following all county and state safety guidelines regarding physical distancing and sanitation practices.

Please complete this short survey if you have child care needs as soon as possible.

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