Board Votes to Return to In-Person Instruction No Earlier Than January 4, 2021

At a Special Board Meeting on September 23, the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to return to in-person learning no earlier than January 4, 2021. 

The phrase "no earlier than" acknowledges that a return to in-person instruction could occur further out than the January 4 date. At the very least, January 4 gives parents a timeline by which they can plan. Providing the date also gives staff a date to anticipate a shift to another instructional model, if necessary. 

The district held a 90 minute Community Forum to address questions and concerns from the community and MHUSD families surrounding the Return to In-Person Instruction. The recording of the forum may be viewed here

Meanwhile, the district continues to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19. During the second quarter, our plan is to survey parents and staff on their comfort level for returning to in-person instruction. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.