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Current FAQs

1. What is "Amplify"?


Morgan Hill Unified School District has launched a new before and after school program called “Amplify” in partnership with YMCA at eight of our school sites. The hours of operation in the morning will be from 6:30 AM to the start of school, and in the afternoon from the end of school until 6:00 PM. Barrett , El Toro, Los Paseos, Nordstrom, Paradise, San Martin/Gwinn, JAMM and PA Walsh are YMCA programs.

Britton and Martin Murphy Middle Schools Amplify program is in partnership with Youth Alliance

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may attend for FREE! If your student does not qualify for free and reduced lunch, the cost will be a flat rate of $200 per month, per student. 

Please click here to find out if your student is eligible for free and reduced lunch. 

If interested in joining the before and/or after school program, please complete this pre-registration form. The YMCA staff will reach out to you to complete your registration process. Your student is not considered “enrolled” until the final steps have been completed with the YMCA. If you have any questions please contact the school site coordinator listed here.

* Programs will be launching soon for Britton and Martin Murphy Middle Schools in partnership with Youth Alliance. We will keep you updated as the program expands.



2. How does MHUSD revenue per student compare to other unified school districts in our county? 


Unrestricted funds are generated primarily by the Local Control Funding Formula and are available for the general operational needs of the district such as classroom teachers, site administrators, and custodians. Restricted funds come from other state and federal sources and are available only for use on the programs and for the purposes they are granted, for example textbooks or special education services.

Please click image below to enlarge. 

First page of the PDF file: ChartsRevenue

3. How does MHUSD teacher pay compare to other districts in our county?


Last year, all employees received a 7.5% salary increase. Now that we have settled all bargaining groups, MHCEA, MHELA and MHFT received a 10% total package offer.  Below is the the teacher salary schedule comparison as it compares with other comperable districts.

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