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Student Board Members 2023

jasreen toor
live oak high school
Candidate statement


Hey everyone! My name is Jasreen Toor and I’m running for the 2023-2024 Student Board Member. Currently as a Live Oak senior, I am ASB Vice President and have been a part of ASB for all four years. I helped to plan major events like school dances, freshman orientation, and even sporting events like the El Toro Bowl. Planning these events takes a lot of effort, but it's a great way to bring our school and community together, which is something that I strive to do.

Being a part of clubs and sports, both on and off campus have allowed me to connect with the community on a different level. As this year’s Student Board Member, I would love the opportunity to make every students’ voice heard. Every students’ idea acknowledged. Every students’ input accounted for. I believe that with my effective leadership skills, I would be able to do just that.

Besides at school, you may have seen me around town as a Lifeguard at the CRC or Aquatics Center. Working for almost 3 years, with people of different ages, has definitely improved my communication skills, which would make me a good addition to the board. I am able to effectively talk and listen to anyone as needed.

In general, as the Student Board Member, I would present new ideas to benefit students from all schools and our community as a whole. If you want your voice to be heard, vote for me as this years’ Student Board Member!!


See below for Candidate video and photo from Jasreen Toor. 

robert schambach
ann sobrato high school
candidate statement


As a student, I have dedicated much of my time to serving our community and advocating for mental health resources. I have been working towards implementing affirmative action that safeguards those who have faced discrimination because of their identity and gender. Furthermore, I am working with the district to introduce student and teacher lessons to create a safer community. I genuinely care about my fellow students and the school district. I am determined to continue working towards these goals as a district board member. I will work to improve the safety and sense of community on campuses, first and foremost prioritizing the needs and concerns of the student body. I am eager to work with fellow students from schools around the district and, to the best of my ability, ensure that the needs of all students are met. Together, We can bring positive change to the Morgan Hill school district. All I ask for is your vote.


See below for Candidate video and photo from Robert Schambach.


Student Board Member Application Process


Student Board Member(s) shall have the right to attend all Board meetings except closed (executive) sessions. (Education Code 35012)

Closed Session Purposes and Agendas
All materials presented to Board members, except those related to closed sessions, shall be presented to Student Board Members at the same time they are presented to voting Board members. Student Board Member(s) shall also be invited to attend staff briefings or be provided with a separate staff briefing within the same timeframe as the briefing of other Board members. (Education Code 35012)

Agenda/Meeting Materials
Student Board Member(s) shall be recognized at Board meetings as full member(s), shall be seated with other members of the Board, and shall be allowed to participate in questioning witnesses and discussing issues. (Education Code 35012)

Student Board Member(s) shall be allowed to cast preferential votes on all matters except those subject to closed session discussion. Preferential voting means a formal expression of opinion that is recorded in the minutes and cast before the official vote of the Board. Preferential votes shall not affect the final numerical outcome of a vote. (Education Code 35012)

Minutes and Recordings
Student Board Member(s) may make motions that may be acted upon by the Board, except on matters dealing with employer-employee relations pursuant to Government Code 3540-3549.3. (Education Code 35012)

A Student Board Member shall not be liable for any acts of the Board. (Education Code 35012) (cf. 9323.2 - Actions by the Board)

Student Board Member(s) shall be entitled to be reimbursed for mileage to the same extent as other members of the Board but shall not receive compensation for attendance at Board meetings. (Education Code 35012)

Student Board Member Development
The Superintendent or designee may, at district expense, provide learning opportunities to Student Board Members through trainings, workshops, and conferences, such as those offered by the California School Boards Association and other organizations, to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and performance of their Board responsibilities.

Board Training
The Superintendent or designee may periodically provide an orientation for Student Board member candidates to give them an understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of Board service