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Student Board Member Candidates 2022

Meet Your 2022-2023 Student Board Member Candidates!

Attention High School Students:

The voting period for the 2022-2023 Student Board Member Election has opened. 

As a high school student in our district, you have an opportunity to vote for a MHUSD high school peer to be the Student Board Member. The three (3) candidates are listed below along with a candidate statement and short video—you can vote for any student listed even if you do not attend the same school as this is a districtwide election. After reviewing the candidates, check your email for the ballot. 

This website is being shared across all three high schools to ensure all students receive the same information on each candidate. Therefore, there are campaign restrictions you should be aware of. Candidates are not allowed to post anything to social media, print posters or provide any other materials to support their campaign.

The voting period will run from September 8-15.  You only get 1 vote, and your information is recorded only for this purpose. The winning candidate will be announced September 16th and seated September 20th. The runner-up will serve as an alternate SBM.

Thank you for participating in this election. Make your vote count!

If you have any questions, please email


Student Board Member Election

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Francesca Kubica


Hello everyone! I’m Francesca Kubica, I’m a senior attending Ann Sobrato High School, and I’m looking forward to representing all students of Morgan Hill on MHUSD’s Board of Education. As a heavily involved member of Ann Sobrato’s ASB, I’d be a reliable voice and have always shown great interest in bettering the campus/education system. I was my Junior Class Treasurer and worked on planning events such as all school Rallies, Homecoming, Prom, and Sadie's Dances respectively. There is a lot of work that goes into these events and leading them took some grit, however, I could see that the effort made many students’ high school events truly memorable ones. 

Some of my goals for the year are to implement more opportunities for all students; which are, more interesting classes, more extracurricular options, and more school resources. I want to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their interests and education, whether that be through community service opportunities, peer tutoring programs, or making the school environment comfortable so they feel capable.

I’m adamant about allowing students to speak up about policies and give suggestions. I will listen closely and be the representation you deserve. 

Vote for me if you want your voice to be heard and opportunities to be put in place!


Jesse Pavlicevich


Hi, my name is Jesse Pavlicevich and I’m running for MHUSD’s Student Member Position this year. I am a Senior at Live Oak, as well as our National Honor Society’s VP of Finance. Besides school, I have been working at Morgan Hill Bowl for over a year, where I have learned lessons about working hard, hospitality, and staying positive while in the face of stress. One of my passions is playing the drums, which has been especially helpful when it comes to connecting with myself and others.


That’s more than enough about me and my background. What I’m really here to talk to you about is what you want to see change at your school. It is extremely important for the District to understand the thoughts of the students when considering how they’ll change their school, the policies, and the structure. If I’m elected, I will listen to any and all suggestions students may have; this of course includes not just Live Oak, but also Sobrato and Central’s students. 


I want you to help me understand just what needs to be changed and brought up to the Board, so I would be more than happy to make my way over there and see exactly what you want to change for the better. Parking, stadiums, bathrooms, school climate, whatever it might be, I’ll be there to hear it. I want to be more involved, and I know that this position will help me achieve that. 


Cameryn Pina


 My name is Cameryn Pina and I am a senior at Ann Sobrato High School. I am interested in serving as the Student Board Member because it is an amazing learning opportunity, and I feel as though I can make a great difference in Morgan Hill primarily due to my past leadership experiences that have prepared me to succeed in this position. 

The main instance where I have been a leader is founding and leading the “Freedge” club at Sobrato, a club centered around providing healthy foods for those in need. My club requires me to constantly be writing speeches and presentations, speaking
to both the Board of Education and the Sobrato Administration, giving me the skills necessary to speak up within a group of adults to represent the student body.

I also work as a shift lead at Vitality Bowls, which requires me to manage large groups of people to ensure we are completing our tasks efficiently, giving me professional experience working at a corporate company and leading people of all ages, which is a skill I can apply towards executing goals on the Board of Education among fellow adults. 

As the Student Board member, I would diligently apply my past leadership experience to bring a positive and productive attitude to every meeting. With your vote, I would bring inclusive and beneficial ideas to the table, and be able to execute them in ways that not only benefits students, but the community of Morgan Hill.