Student Board Member Candidates 2021

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Meet Your 2021-2022 Student Board Member Candidates!

Attention High School Students:

The voting period for the 2021-2022 Student Board Member Election has opened. 

As a high school student in our district, you have an opportunity to vote for a MHUSD high school peer to be the Student Board Member. The four (4) candidates are listed below along with a candidate statement and short video—you can vote for any student listed even if you do not attend the same school as this is a districtwide election. After reviewing the candidates, check your email for the ballot. 

This website is being shared across all three high schools to ensure all students receive the same information on each candidate. Therefore, there are campaign restrictions you should be aware of. Candidates are not allowed to post anything to social media, print posters or provide any other materials to support their campaign.

The voting period will run from October 7-13.  You only get 1 vote, and your information is recorded only for this purpose. The winning candidate will be announced October 15th and seated October 19th. The runner-up will serve as an alternate SBM.

Thank you for participating in this election. Make your vote count!

If you have any questions, please email


Jared Lebovitz, Ann Sobrato High School

My name is Jared Lebovitz and I am excited at the opportunity to represent the students of Morgan Hill on the school board. As a student at Sobrato, I worked hard to understand and appreciate the many aspects of school life. Whether it be playing sports, taking a diverse variety of classes, being active in clubs, or simply struggling through virtual school, My experience has prepared me to address the issues important to you.

As a student representative, my plans will be centered around opportunity. I want to make sure that students have as many opportunities as possible in order to succeed and enjoy school. Those opportunities include the types of classes we take, the extracurriculars we want, and the school resources and amenities we can utilize. I want to make the school environment as great as possible so that we can all have an enjoyable school experience.

I have the experience to make sure that I get things done. Over the last few years, I have co-led the Morgan Hill Youth Climate Action Team, which is an environmental organization in town. Through my amazing time with this group I have learned how to collaborate with adults and get tangible solutions passed by policy makers. I will bring this same collaborative attitude to the school board and ensure that the policies we propose actually get implemented.

Ultimately, if you are a student who wants your voice represented on the school board, please elect me as your representative!

Nikoo Shahab, Live Oak High School

My name is Nikoo Shahab and I am a senior at Live Oak High School. As a student, I have many academic responsibilities. I attend club meetings, I study for AP tests, and I write many, many essays. My responsibilities constantly swell my mind everyday - I persistently strive to do better than before, to achieve greater heights and break barriers placed in my mind. I take advantage of having a voice - I enjoy class discussions, being a part of Red Cross Club leadership, and raising awareness for movements and issues that matter. By being a part of Student Voices at school, I participate in discussions that can positively impact the community and campus environment, uplifting my surroundings to prominent places. Similarly, by being a Student Board Member for the Morgan Hill Unified School District, I believe that I can confidently represent the student body of Morgan Hill through my perseverance and aspirations of shaping a better school district everyday. The main focus of being a Student Board Member is getting the MHUSD student body’s voice out there in order to create positive change for the benefit of all. Voting for me as the Student Board Member isn’t just a vote for someone to fill up an empty seat - it is a vote for all, regardless of GPA and test scores. It is a vote for the underrepresented. Having a voice is the basis of change, and through this position, I believe that I can enforce this statement with dignity.

Ravi Bhagat, Ann Sobrato High School 

Hello, my name is Ravi Bhagat, and I’m running for student board member. One thing I love to do at school is to go to peer tutoring and help out my fellow students. I want to represent you, the students of Morgan Hill, because I love politics and being the student board member is the ultimate opportunity to serve my community. I will guarantee that all of your grievances are heard. Want bigger food portion sizes? You have a voice! Want an open campus? You have a voice! Want more interesting and useful classes? You have a voice! I will listen to so much more, and I will always be pro-student.

I am Ravi B! Vote for me!

Hannah Herrick, Ann Sobrato High School

My name is Hannah Herrick, and I am a senior at Ann Sobrato Highschool. I want to serve on the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board as I have always been passionate about serving both my community and school. At Sobrato, I am currently the Sobrato FFA Vice president and the Gender and Sexualities Alliance Vice President, meaning I am no stranger to what it means to run for and serve in an official position. My experience serving in the FFA and GSA Office opened my eyes to my ability to advocate and work with others, as well as having prepared me for public speaking and familiarized me with parliamentary procedure. Serving my school community on a higher level has always been my goal, as I am passionate about advocating for my fellow peers and mentors. Growing up in a household with a sister who is autistic and a father who has alzheimers has shown me that often people have struggles at home that not everyone is aware of, which is part of the reason I am passionate about ensuring my peers have equal access to opportunities to help them succeed academically. It would be an honor to serve as the MHUSD student board representative, and I look forward to meeting all of you soon!

Responsibilities of an SBM include: 

All high school students in MHUSD attending Central High School, Live Oak High School, and Ann Sobrato High School will have the opportunity to vote once finalists are selected in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Board. 

The term of Student Board Member shall be one academic school year. This year, the term will commence in October and run through the first board meeting in June of 2022.

Student Board Member(s) shall have the right to attend all Board meetings except closed (executive) sessions. (Education Code 35012) 

Closed Session Purposes and Agendas
All materials presented to Board members, except those related to closed sessions, shall be presented to Student Board Members at the same time they are presented to voting Board members. Student Board Member(s) shall also be invited to attend staff briefings or be provided with a separate staff briefing within the same timeframe as the briefing of other Board members. (Education Code 35012)

Agenda/Meeting Materials
Student Board Member(s) shall be recognized at Board meetings as full member(s), shall be seated with other members of the Board, and shall be allowed to participate in questioning witnesses and discussing issues. (Education Code 35012)

Student Board Member(s) shall be allowed to cast preferential votes on all matters except those subject to closed session discussion. Preferential voting means a formal expression of opinion that is recorded in the minutes and cast before the official vote of the Board. Preferential votes shall not affect the final numerical outcome of a vote. (Education Code 35012)

Student Board Member Development
The Superintendent or designee may, at district expense, provide learning opportunities to Student Board Members through trainings, workshops, and conferences, such as those offered by the California School Boards Association and other organizations, to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and performance of their Board responsibilities.

Board Training
The Superintendent or designee may periodically provide an orientation for Student Board member candidates to give them an understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of Board service