Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

All students will receive an excellent education and be empowered to succeed in school.  Our students will be prepared to achieve in our diverse, global society and to make meaningful contributions in their community.  Students will become critical thinkers and problem solvers who can thrive in the challenges of the 21st Century.

Our Mission

The Morgan Hill Unified School District’s central purpose is to educate students.  In partnership with parents and the community, we create learning environments where all students learn and are empowered to achieve their unique potential.  We model and nurture civility, respect, compassion, personal responsibility, curiosity and integrity in an environment of diversity, equity, and service.

Our Values

  1. All students can be successful.

  2. Individual student opportunity is assured in an equity-driven system.

  3. All students learn best in a safe and inclusive environment.

  4. All students must be guided to see the connection between education and opportunity.

  5. All students must graduate from high school ready to pursue higher learning, including college and career opportunities.

  6. Personal responsibility for one’s own learning is essential for lifelong success.

  7. Student success depends on high expectations for student and staff learning, character, and personal integrity.

  8. Excellent education fosters a love of learning and attends to the needs and wellness of the whole child.

  9. Excellent education provides options across academics, extracurricular and career pathway programs.

  10. Diversity must be embraced and celebrated.

  11. Professional excellence and collaboration are essential to student success.

  12. Parent and community engagement is essential to student success.

  13. Each staff member has a role in student well-being and success.

  14. The ideal organizational culture builds sustainability in programs and practices.