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Board of Education

Role of the Board

The Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Education is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals whose main responsibility is to represent the wishes of the community and to exercise lay control of the educational goals and direction. In addition, the board is responsible for the following:

1) developing and evaluating the philosophy and goals of the district,
2) adopting an annual budget and establishing fiscal priorities in conformance with the district’s priorities and goals,
3) determining the scope of the educational program,
4) adopting policies for the general operation of the district which are consistent with state laws and district goals, and
5) considering staff recommendations and community opinion in the development of policies.

MHUSD Board meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesday’s of each month. Sessions begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held at the school district office located at 15600 Concord Circle in Morgan Hill. The public is welcome to attend.